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Anonymous asked: By the way, I think owls have a third eyelid too, but I'm not 100% sure. 

I dunno, I was just listing a few kintypes I could think of off the top of my head that might have a third eyelid.

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Anonymous asked: just stating, i've heard the term chimerakin used instead of hybridkin 


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Anonymous asked: I feel a really strong connection with multiple animals (dogs, rabbits, dragons). Is this normal? If so, is there a word for that? 

As I stated to another. A strong connection to something does not necessarily make it your kintype/theriotype, to begin with. I would imagine it to be fairly normal for someone to connect to multiple animals though on some level, particularly if you’re looking at what the animals might symbolize in various cultures.

I -think- animal-hearted is the term for someone who connects on a deep level with an animal, but I don’t honestly remember.

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Anonymous asked: I know about otherkin but I was looking through the tags and I saw a bunch of things like therian, polykin, hybridkin, fictionkin, and fictivekin and could you explain them to me thanks for your time 



I believe therian otherkin are those who are animalesque kin such as dogkin or catkin, etc. Polykin refers to otherkin who have more than one (multiple, poly) kin associated to them. I believe fiction kin are those kin that associate with, well, fictional beings, like Dr. Whokin, or a trollkin from Homestuck. I’m not quite sure what fictivekin is.

Therian: Someone who identifies as a non-human, earthly, animal on an integral level.

Otherkin: Someone who identifies as non-human on an integral level.

Polykin: Someone with more than one kintype.

Hybridkin: Someone who’s kintype is a hybrid of 2+ creatures, I’d assume. This term really isn’t used outside of Tumblr.

Fiction-kin: Someone who identifies as a creature/personage/race/species/etc. from modern fiction.

Fictive: A headmate that comes from a source of modern fiction.

Fictivekin: A bastardization of fiction-kin and fictive. This is not a thing and shouldn’t be used.

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Anonymous asked: I have never really identified as Otherkin, but for a long time I have had the phantom sensation of huge feathered wings on my back, especially when I am upset or emotional, and sometimes even a thick serpentine tail. I have always felt a connection with deer, but these sensations really have nothing to do with the animal and I'm not sure what it means. I'm confused and a bit scared. Am I otherkin? And what am I? 

Like I tell anyone coming to me with this sort of comment. I can’t tell you if you’re Otherkin or not, that’s a label you pick up for yourself if you end up concluding that it fits. I don’t usually explicitly tell people “Oh, you’re <this>,” either.

Go look into being an Otherkin a bit more, that’ll help you sort it out, and talking to other Otherkin.

Also, just because you have a connection to something that does not mean that it is your kintype/theriotype. Most have some connection to their kintype/theriotype however.

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Anonymous asked: Can you please explain to me what being a otherkin is ? One of my friends is a ghost kin and she explained (vaguely) to me what that means but I'm still a bit confused can you help? Thank you 

Basically? Someone who identifies as something non-human in a non-physical sense, for one of a variety of reasons. Most are fully aware and accept the fact that they are physically and biologically human.

A FAQ on Otherkin.

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Anonymous asked: Can we do more than one submit? 


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Anonymous asked: do you not post submissions just because you dont like that persons blog? 

I don’t honestly look at anyone’s blog unless the submission itself seems suspect.

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