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Anonymous asked: I need some help, I told a friend about Therianthropy (b/c its on that "check your privilege" thing and he asked about it) and he thinks he might be (or otherkin) but isn't sure. What experiences did you have through life that led you to this belief? 

Up on the top of the blog there is a link that says “FAQ.” This question is answered (with links to longer posts) there, but I’ll repost the links here for you.

My Timeline (events leading up to me picking up the ‘kin label.)

What Makes Me Dragonkin.

What it’s like to be dragonkin.

If you have further questions, specify a little more for me please.

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Anonymous asked: Hi I really need some answers. When I was a kid (5 years old) I used to "play" that I was a dog with my aunt's pet dog and my cousin. I did it a lot of times and my aunt worried said i'll be grounded if I kept up acting like that. I got scared and started to hide my "dog" self. Some years after that I realized I can bark and when I do it other dogs even bark back to me, kind of like they understand me or something. I feel connected with dogs but i never thought actually being one! what can i do? 

What can you do? That’s… kind of entirely up to you. Being able to do those things doesn’t necessarily mean anything if you don’t think it does. Playing pretend when you’re little doesn’t mean much, I use to pretend I was many things, but that does not make them my kintype. I can purr and meow and get cats to meow back at me, and in general they like me, but that doesn’t make me a cat therian, or catkin.

Nothing you said with that ask makes me go “oh! You’re 100% for sure dogkin!” because there isn’t anything really that would do that. at all. Unless you came out and said it. If you want, go check out dogkin/dog therians. If you don’t want anything to do with Otherkin/Therian, then chalk it up to being a bit imaginative when you were a kid, and know that other people can do similar things now.

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blackdragonsage asked: Hi, if its not too troublesome, I'd like to ask a question. I recently found out that I was otherkin after having strong feelings of dysphoria about my human body, so I looked it up. Anyways, I THINK that I am a dragonkin, hence my name, but I'm not entirely sure. How can I be sure what kin-type I am? 

You can’t. I mean, besides just sort of being certain in your core and kind of having that “This is what I am." feeling? There’s no way to be sure.

You can talk to others that are otherkin, and compare what you feel to what they do, but even that won’t be solid, particularly in the case of dragons which have so many breeds and subspecies. I’m sorry I’m not more help. ._.

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Anonymous asked: I want to understand this but i dont. Is this a joke? 

Nope. Not a joke. I’m physically human, don’t think I am in some non-physical sense. That’s… about all there is to it from me.

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Anonymous asked: Lyrebird here -thanks for the reply and advice! 

No problem. I don’t think I really helped ya much, but eh!

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As a note, I’m not making experiences that involve gender or preferred pronouns. Those are not things that make one go “Oh, I’m an Otherkin/Therian!”

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